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Recently, the social platform account of Little Shenyang's daughter Shen Jiarun was exposed. When she was a child, she was ridiculed as a low-value girl. She was eighteen years old and slim. Most of the videos she recorded were funny videos. Generous and confident, she perfectly inherited her father's funny talent

yesterday, Shen Jiarun called for his father's new film, Little Shenyang, and successively aired many funny videos, which inadvertently exposed the interior decoration of his mansion

yes! You're right. The wall of Little Shenyang's house is made of newspaper, and the big flower quilt on the ground is also a powerful camera. It's not just this room that uses newspaper to make the wall, but also Shen Jiarun's videos recorded in other rooms. This decoration style can be said to be very simple, which makes many netizens recall the scene of making the wall with newspaper in order to prevent moisture at home when they were young. I didn't expect to see this kind of newspaper making the wall in the star's house, It's really too grounded. PS: Shen Jiarun's long legs are also very eye-catching

compared with other stars, the interior decoration of Xiao Shenyang's home can't compare with others' courtyard. Earlier, Li Xiang exposed a corner of his garden villa, and the small bridge and flowing water pavilion are very stylish

the decoration of Guo Jingming's mansion is even worse, which perfectly explains what the ultimate luxury is

usually, we are used to thinking that stars' private life is that kind of elegant, drunken, and the food they eat must be the best. In fact, there are not many stars with this attitude to life, and most stars are very simple and low-key in their lives




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