Key points of balcony design for home decoration

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Home decoration &mdash& mdash; Key points of balcony design

■ during home decoration, if the balcony is used as a toilet, kitchen or indoor landscaping, attention should also be paid to the drainage problem, because if the drainage of home decoration is not handled well, ponding and water leakage will occur. The smooth drainage of home decoration involves the landscaping angle and drainage direction. It is best to adopt the design of high foot water cover for the drainage hole of home decoration

■ the load-bearing of balcony must be understood in home decoration. Because the balcony structure of many buildings is not very good, too heavy will exceed the load, usually the load per square meter is not more than 400 kg, so as not to cause danger

■ the environment and landscape around the house are related to the use of the balcony. If the house is in the suburbs, with beautiful natural scenery and fresh and comfortable air outside the balcony, it is necessary to keep it when decorating the home. However, if the balcony faces the main road or the range hood, the balcony has become a place of air pollution and noise. When decorating the home, we must consider whether it has utilization value





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