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China dream Shenzhen fashion, 2013 China International Houseware cross year procurement Carnival and China Shenzhen winter fashion shopping Spring Festival Expo will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Central Asia International Expo Center. This is a grand event of the home industry with the longest exhibition time and the most flexible exhibition methods in history. Yadan overall wardrobe was invited to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition venue is located in b1-b13, hall 1, Central Asia International Expo Center, Shenzhen. The time is from December 28, 2013 to January 15, 2014, for a period of 20 days. We sincerely invite guests from all over the world to visit and imagine the procurement Carnival

this event was hosted by Bao'an District government and Shenzhen Zhongpin Exhibition Co., Ltd., CO organized by Shenzhen Central Asia Silicon Valley coast and other companies, and sponsored by Yadan wardrobe, the leader of zero formaldehyde home furnishing. It successfully reached a strategic partnership with three authoritative media such as Tencent and Asia Pacific home furnishing. At the same time, it also received strong support and cooperation from Shenzhen Wedding Association and more than 60 media such as Sina Leju

this international brand exhibition is becoming the cradle of brand exhibitions at home and abroad, integrating large and medium-sized production enterprises, terminal suppliers, buyers and high-end consumer groups, and becoming a high-end display platform for top brands. The China international household goods carnival is open to the whole country. The exhibition categories include dozens of products such as various furniture, household appliances, electronic media, crystal diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, antique calligraphy and painting, and a variety of industrial chains are combined to carefully create a one-stop Carnival procurement platform for consumers

at the end of the year, Yadan thanked and gave back; Happy new year, Adan warmth remains. "Thanksgiving special purchase at the end of the year" Yadan wardrobe will benefit new and old customers with a huge wave, imagine and revel, and lead the trend. Special finished product package is launched, which is extremely cool and low-cost. After discount, you can enjoy endless discounts and special offers; Plus wechat to win the grand prize is well deserved. A gentle sweep will bring yadanhui home; There are tens of millions of gifts waiting for you to pick up. They are worth the money, and there are endless surprises. You can't miss the opportunity

has been imitated and never surpassed. As the pioneer and leader of China's green zero formaldehyde healthy wardrobe and one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, Yadan has focused on overall customized furniture and created the zero formaldehyde home experience hall for the first time in the past decade. Yadan wardrobe was invited to participate in this grand event by virtue of its strong economic strength, superior brand culture and well-known brand popularity and reputation at home and abroad. It will form a benign competition with well-known brands in the home furnishing industry and promote the exchange and learning of corporate culture; And create an annual home feast for loyal consumers. This International Home Carnival Yadan will inherit the fashion and innovation trend, carry forward the past and forge ahead, and shine on this high-end, international home display stage





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