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On August 5, Roland windows organized more than 140 people from all departments to carry out a day of experiential team spirit development training

in order to strengthen communication between employees, enhance mutual trust and cohesion, and cultivate and exercise employees' sense of collaboration and team spirit, Roland style doors and windows organized more than 140 people from all departments to carry out a one-day experiential team spirit development training on August 5

this is not an ordinary entertainment activity, but an experiential training full of educational significance. The familiar teamwork and trust are no longer just empty words. We work together in the expansion training to challenge ourselves and break through the limit

the expansion training is carried out in the form of team competition, and the students are divided into 8 teams. The members of each team are not from the same department, and they may not have too much contact in their previous work, but in this new team, everyone can give full play to their intelligence and teamwork spirit and strive to complete the activity challenge

During the period of , all the students participated in the experience and expansion training of "extreme speed per hour", "inspiration flying", "challenge No.1", "graduation wall", "see picnic again", "birthday party" and so on, which fully demonstrated the team vitality, team cohesion and centripetal force

after completing the challenge, the coach also specially arranged the experience and perception sharing session, so that members can know more different themselves and their partners through sharing, and also feel the necessity and importance of teamwork from the activities

some people say, "a team is a group of people." This is not a team. A team is a group of people who strive for a common goal. A successful enterprise has a secret behind it, that is, a strong team. In modern society, it no longer depends on individuals to fight alone, but on resource integration to fight the world together

this expansion training is full of bitterness and joy, as well as full of emotion. I believe that through this training, every employee can apply what he learned from the training to his life and work in the future

every participating member has benefited a lot, which is also the purpose of the company to hold this outdoor expansion. I hope Roland style people can overcome difficulties and become successful in challenges

this journey is a training for everyone, both physically and mentally, which makes us get a certain sublimation, re recognize and experience the power of team spirit, stimulate our personal potential, complete what we all think is impossible, and enhance our courage and confidence to challenge ourselves

expansion activities let us try a new communication method, break the traditional thinking pattern, expand ideas, and establish a new mode after summarizing. At the same time, it also teaches each of us to learn to be grateful, tolerant and repay




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