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Building materials go to the countryside thousands of flowers send health to the countryside

building materials go to the countryside thousands of flowers send health to the countryside

July 27, 2010

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[China coating information] on May 18, China Building Materials Circulation Association held a press conference to release the development report of China building materials circulation. Meng Guoqiang, President of China Building Materials Circulation Association, Qin zhanxue, vice president, Li Jianjun, director of the environmental resources supervision and management organization of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Li Jin, deputy director, Ma Zhenzhu, director of China building materials inspection and Certification Center, and Chen Lu, assistant director, attended the distribution meeting

at the press conference, the Building Materials Circulation Association put forward innovative measures to establish the integrity construction mechanism in the field of building materials circulation in China, implemented the "national building materials transaction credit rating 10000 database project", and took this work as the focus, carried out continuously, and seriously implemented it into all work, taking it as an important reference index in government procurement, bidding for major projects and the implementation of the policy of "building materials to the countryside". The launch of this project is called a signal of the official launch of "building materials to the countryside" in the industry. In order to better understand the current situation of China's coating industry, Meng Guoqiang, President of China Building Materials Circulation Association, and his delegation went to Guangdong to investigate and investigate China's large coating enterprises in early May, and personally felt the vigorous development of China's coating industry. During this visit, Meng Huichang and his delegation paid a special visit to many domestic first-line coating manufacturers, including qiansehua and Jiabaoli, who used green credit to support 154 key industrial energy conservation and green development projects in 2017, and went deep into the production line to listen to their opinions and suggestions

later, I also dialed Mr. Huang Dachang, chairman of qiansehua, one of China's top ten paint brands. Chairman Huang told qiansehua that in fact, qiansehua had started relevant cooperation with relevant national departments as early as a few years ago. At the beginning of the year, building materials to the countryside had been written into the "No. 1 document" of the central government. The State Council attached great importance to it. It was also another round of domestic demand after home appliances to the countryside and cars to the countryside. Chint electric invested 18 million euros to acquire grabat energy, an industrial company under graphenano. Such a major policy should play a very important role in stimulating the entire rural economy. As a leading enterprise of China's health paint, chairman Huang set the development policy for the enterprise from the beginning of qiansehua's establishment: "no matter how much it costs, the enterprise should take the road of 'green and environmental protection' products. To create a successful century old enterprise, we can't rely on temporary opportunism, short-term sensationalism, and can only rely on down-to-earth firm steps". For more than ten years, qiansehua people have adhered to the purpose of "being a healthy person, a healthy enterprise, a healthy product and a healthy society". They focus on making healthy paint. With unremitting innovation and excellent quality and service, they have contributed truly healthy and environmental friendly coating products to the society. With their unremitting pursuit of products and characteristic services, they have won the dependence and support of our customers, Qiansehua paint has also become a synonym for health paint in China's coating industry. The majority of urban users need healthy and safe coating products. The rural market is larger, and the health of the majority of farmers' friends is also worthy of the attention of all our enterprises. In the next stage, qiansehua will actively cooperate with the relevant national departments to do the relevant work, and strive to promote its products to the countryside all over the country with the activities of building materials to the countryside

after the meeting, Meng Guoqiang, President of China Building Materials Circulation Association, told him that he had visited qiansehua's water-based product vehicle, combustible and highly corrosive material room, oily product workshop and qiansehua engineering technology research and development center on May 13. Through the investigation, it was found that qiansehua paint had great leading advantages in technology research and development, and a number of technologies of qiansehua paint filled the gap in the domestic coating industry, The health and environmental protection of the products are leading the industry, and the integrated mode of architectural coating is vigorously advocated in the industry. These are very worthy of learning and reference from the same industry. Meng Huichang believed that through this investigation, we will be able to select excellent companies such as qiansehua among many coating enterprises. Only when the product quality is fully guaranteed, can building materials be better implemented in the countryside, and the majority of farmers' brothers can use healthier and environmental friendly coating products

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